Run Devil Run - "Sinking Deeper"


     The sophomore effort from Cleveland's old school, Sinking Deeper delivers 100% unadulterated  hardcore with an attitude.  With songs based on self-realization, Run Devil Run spreads a positive  message as each song depicts deep meaning in the members' personal lives.  Taking hardcore back to  the days of the Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, and the Bad Brains this 5 piece emerged on the hardcore  scene with two successful European tours in '99 and appeared on the world renowned Dynamo open-air  festival in Einhoven, Holland.

     With common beliefs such as living a drug-free vegetarian lifestyle, R.D.R. is determined to share these Eastern philisophical viewpoints with the world.  The year to come brings R.D.R. back to the road in support of "Sinking Deeper", out July 11th on Victory Records. 


Run Devil Run is: Foose - vocals; Zack Sunderman - guitar; Jason Sparkes - guitar; Mike Torchia - bass; Emery Ceo - drums

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